About Me

So, hello everyone. I am a Lokean healer, which to me means I am a pagan who focuses on the healing arts, and I follow Loki as my main deity. I am 28 at the time of this post and I am a pansexual female. I have been diagnosed as Bipolar, Schitzo-effective, Borderline Personalities Disorder, and ADHD. So basically I am very moody, have anxiety about a lot of things, including social anxiety, have low motivation, the lost goes on. This does not mean I am psychotic or scary or a monster. This simply means I was not built to the “social norms” and I approach things differently and take things differently in life. I am not going to go on some random tirade or hurt anyone, in fact I do everything I can to not hurt people, since it makes me hurt to do so. I simply process things differently, do not always understand social cues or tone, and generally take awhile to warm up to people in a face to face situation. For me though, most do not notice these issues. After all, my most common nervous habit in social situations is to simply chatter away and blurt a bunch of stuff out. I am very blunt and abrasive, unintentionally, so do not take anything I say as an insult. Most often it is simply my opinion stated in a bland or passionate way, without regard to how it might be taken at the time.

I am a very holistic person, I do not take medication stronger than motrin, unless I have a surgery or something. I will always go after essential oils or my pendulum to deal with my health, rather than warning coated prescription pills. I vape, but I do not believe  in using drugs or alcohol.
I am a follower of Loki, also known as a Lokean. I focus mostly on the healing arts, so I use a pendulum and healing stones. I plan to get into tarot and essential oils as well. I plan on learning a lot more about Loki and healing both so I will even post things I find interesting on what I have learned here. So feel free to follow and learn along with me, or even give me guidance and input.

There is another side of my life though as well. I am also part of the BDSM lifestyle. I am a TPE slave. I have a strong Dominant as my partner in life, and we are married as well. Because of this, I actually have all of my decisions in life (money for example) to my Dominant. Luckily I have a great Dominant and they do not care if I follow a religion or don’t follow one. I am always open to questions about this part of my life, and if I do not know the answer I can help find the answer.

As you can see, I live far from the socially accepted norm, and I am perfectly happy. I also believe that one should always strive to learn more in life, and that if you stop learning and growing, you will stagnate. Feel free to give me your opinions on things and to ask questions, that way I can learn and you can learn as well. I always enjoy a good debate as well.

P.S. I live on an 18 wheeler, so if responses or posts are slow to come, it is most likely due to lack of signal.

If you feel like talking to me, have any questions or just want to be my friend, feel free to contact me.

Email and Skype: mabikitsu @ gmail [dot]com