A Slave Becomes a Switch

So I recently found something out about myself. It seems I am actually a switch. One side of me is a slave/doll/little, and the other side of me…is a Mommy Domme. Since finding this out, I have had an interesting journey. I have had to come to terms with the fact that the two sides of me are complete opposites. I mean, it feels weird to be the child on one side, and the parent on the other side. My significant other is a Dominant on one side and a little on the other, so we do happen to truly fit well.

Since finding out I have a Dominant side, I have become more confident, more secure in myself, and I feel like the hole in my life has been filled. I could tell the past year or so that something was missing, and until a friend told me “hey you have a Dominant side, you need to let it loose”, I never knew what was missing.

So I will keep you all updated on this and my growing lifestyle in the pagan world. As for right now, I am ready to relax a bit and then I need to drive again!


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