New developments

So I have been learning tarot and studying it everyday. I found an app I love called Golden Thread Tarot, and the creator makes two tarot decks I am in love with. I have decided to get the absolutely gorgeous Labyrinth deck. It seems like fate, I grew up loving the movie Labyrinth, loving puzzles and mazes, and I love saving the environment. The deck is made out of recycled flack plastic and golf leafing.

I have been working to be not only a better person, but a better slave. With my journey with Loki, I have become more accepting of change so it has been much easier. I have been learning to accept my mistakes and admit them, but yet not dwell and beat myself up over them. I am also working on relying on my Dominant to tell me when I am wrong and accepting when I am told it was a mistake and not failure.

My Dominant and I are also discussing the possibility of a sex change for her. She is actually transgender and in a male body. It has been a discussion that pops up lately, as we might have the money to afford it and it has been something she has wanted for a long time. Though the main discussion lately is if it is worth the money since she has been becoming more comfortable being a male due to my support. I stand by her no matter what she chooses, and want her to make the decision based off of what will make her happiest and not what is cheapest. But that is the main sticking point heh, she is worried about affording it and surviving. But I told her I would go a week with limited food for her to be happy.

That is the update on me and my Dominant, as always feel free to ask questions.


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