What being a slave means to me

So I have mostly been discussing the Lokean side of my my life and today I decided to speak more of the BDSM side of my life.

I am a TPE slave in the BDSM lifestyle, TPE means Total Power Exchange. In my relationship, I have given all control to my Mistress over what I do, how I act, everything. This is beneficial to me since making decisions makes me nervous. By her being the one to make my decisions, I can reduce the stress in my life, and learn how to confidently make those decisions later if I need to.

To me, a submissive commits to choice, and a slave commits to obediance. This means that a submissive looks at every order given, and decides which to obey and commit to, and which to say no to. A slave however, commits to obey their dominant, no matter what is ordered. This does not demean either stations in anyways, some simply prefer one over the other.

I choose to commit to obediance, not only because decisions are frustrating to me, but it helps me to grow because I have to experience new things without the option of running. Commiting to obedience blocks my normal path of running away from anything uncomfortable, and expands my horizons.

Now I do not recommend anyone jumping right into being a slave, you should get to know the dominant for awhile first. You must ask yourself, “Do I trust their decision making? Do I trust them to not hurt me, and to put my health, mental and physical, before their desires?” and any other question you feel important to give full trust to them.

I feel as though being a slave has helped my mental health drastically, and has helped me to grow in ways I could not before. I feel much happier and I could not have asked for a better partner in life/crime.

If anyone has questions about any of this, feel free to ask me.


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