Interesting news from my pendulum

So I stopped by a store to get a chain and some pendants to make a pendulum I can use, and keep that looks less obviously like a pendulum (for use around those who would cause way too much drama about it, like my parents). It agreed to work with me and I decided to ask it some questions that have been plaguing me. 

My questions:

1. Loki are you here with me?

2. Jormungandr are you here with me?

3. Fenrir are you here with me?

My answers:

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes

My reaction?

I was sure that Loki and Jormungandr have been with me, I was surprised to find out Fenrir is with me as well. I do have anger issues so I am not fully surprised about it, but I was not expecting a yes. 

I am excited to work with Them, I have idolized Them my whole life almost. I ran out of time to do pendulum work due to having to hit the road again, but later I will ask about Sigyn and possibly some others.

So now I am looking to do more research on Jormungandr and Fenrir.

Feel free to let me know any info you have on Them, or where to look.


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