Loki or Jormungandr?

So I decided to think about the meditation I had the other day before saying anything to anyone about it. After mulling it over for awhile I do believe I saw Loki or Jormungandr, and it was not me hoping and fabricating it. This occured before the dream I already wrote about.

I was sitting and breathing slowly, creating a space for us to meet in my mind. Shortly after my mind decided to make a space with a lake, green grass surrounding it, and trees to separate the lush oasis from the rest of the world. The sky was a vibrant blue with light cloud cover, and a light wind was causing the leaves and grass to rustle. Some lotus flowers, all white in color were floating in the water. As I watched the flowers, they began to come closer to each other until they formed a line. They then began to weave back and forth through the water much like a snake. The lotuses then seemed to meld together and turn into a large snake, stop weaving around in the water. The snake turned towards me and began to come over to me, soon on land with its head up and arched as it moved. When I looked closely at it I realized it had frills of sorts coming from behind its head, almost like the frills on that Jurassic park spitting dinosaur, only none on top. As it came up to me, it raised itself further and towered over me, before nuzzling into my cheek and winding its way around me. It caused me to fall from an upright, cross-legged position to a leaned back position with my arms braced behind me, legs out straight in front of me. It continued to wind around me for awhile, occasionally resting and laying its head on my lap or shoulder. My meditation broke after awhile of it winding around me, it never left me, the meditation simply ended with the snake resting its head on my lap and looking up at me.

I do believe that was Loki or Jomungandr. I am not sure which it was, since Loki is a shapeshifter and Jormungandr is indeed a large serpent. I find it comforting that he did not leave me, but simply watched me. At first I was kind of upset he did not speak, but I think he did, they said, “I am right here surrounding you, and I am not leaving. Be at peace.” The fact that he was wrapped around me and did not leave, and that we met in an environment that is relaxing and familiar to me, was him conveying a message. (using the term “he” simply because it sounded right and I am not sure which one was there. And I think it could have been Jormungandr because he does not tend to speak from what I have heard.) No matter which one of them it was, I honor Loki and his family so I am happy for the contact.

Lesson that I learned:

Do not force anything, do not be upset if a Deity does not speak to you. Instead, focus on what happened because not everything is said  words. Sometimes everything can be said with the body, and the space you are in.

Guidance I am seeking:

Does anyone have any help on who it was? I do not currently have my pendulum so I am not sure.


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