Interesting Dream.

So I had an interesting dream last night. The part that stood out to me and I was able to remember this morning is as follows.

I remember getting two new eyebrow piercings and that the curved barbells had vibrant lime green balls on each side. The next part I remember was discussing and looking at pictures of Loki with a female friend (whom I did not recognize upon waking). We were comparing our perspectives on how Loki looked at the time. Next thing I know, we both hear a thundering sound. Upon looking up from the pages, it is then that I realized we were in a cavern or cave of sorts, that had a door on the opposite side of the space. We stood up and collected our pictures and walked to the door, opening it. As we looked out, we saw a long, large hallway-like cavern. At the other end way a large elephant, bigger than a normal elephant. All we can see of it is the head, the body is hidden behin its massive ears and trunk. The ears and trunk were covered in orange, gold, and red gems, and the face was covered in blue and green gems. It seemed almost to be like the kind of decoration seen in India, from what I can remember. As soon as it saw us, it’s head tilted in a very creepy way, almost spinning to top of its head towards the ground like an owl would run its head in place. We immediately sensed it to be dangerous and closed the door. We ran towards the other side of the room and it was then that I realized there was another door. We got to the door and flung it open beginning to run into a similar hallway as the one the elephant was in. As soon as the first door shut, we could hear the elephant pursuing us, its thunderous steps echoing around us. As we moved down the hallway I saw Loki at the other end. He looked almost boyish, but not at the same time. He had a very androgynous face with orange hair pointing upwards like a flame. I do not remember anything lower than his neck though since I was focused on figuring out what he was saying. I saw his lips moving but nothing was coming out. Right as we were about to reach him, I woke up and realized that it was raining and there was water coming into the windows.

If anyone wants to help me to interpret this, I am open to all opinions. As for me I have no clue, that is something I still wish to learn. 

Upon waking I felt as though Loki had been trying to say something to me, but either I am unable to hear him yet, or he was simply attempting to wake me so I would not get wet.


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