New developments

So I have been learning tarot and studying it everyday. I found an app I love called Golden Thread Tarot, and the creator makes two tarot decks I am in love with. I have decided to get the absolutely gorgeous Labyrinth deck. It seems like fate, I grew up loving the movie Labyrinth, loving puzzles […]

Been busy while I had no data

So I had no data for a bit there so I made myself busy in other ways. For one, I drew a few pictures to have scaled down for a portable shrine. Here is one of Sigyn and Jormungandr And here is one of Loki and Fenrir The top one is Loki, the bottom one […]

Sorry for the lack of posts

I currently have no data left and it costs to use more. I will also soon be going to school to drive a semi so I will be more busy. I will try to post when I can while there though since I should have wifi. Until then I will be going off the radar […]

Pendulum crafting

So after making my new pendulum, I found that I am in love with the design, so I plan on making myself a few more. This is one of those moments where I wish I did not live over the road on an 18-wheeler. If I did not, I could make them and sell them. […]

Interesting news from my pendulum

So I stopped by a store to get a chain and some pendants to make a pendulum I can use, and keep that looks less obviously like a pendulum (for use around those who would cause way too much drama about it, like my parents). It agreed to work with me and I decided to […]

What being a slave means to me

So I have mostly been discussing the Lokean side of my my life and today I decided to speak more of the BDSM side of my life. I am a TPE slave in the BDSM lifestyle, TPE means Total Power Exchange. In my relationship, I have given all control to my Mistress over what I […]

Loki or Jormungandr?

So I decided to think about the meditation I had the other day before saying anything to anyone about it. After mulling it over for awhile I do believe I saw Loki or Jormungandr, and it was not me hoping and fabricating it. This occured before the dream I already wrote about. I was sitting […]